Used Wade Saddle

Used Wade Saddle

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Used Wade DK Saddle

Benefits Over the Traditional Western Saddle:

  • Adjustable to fit different horses
  • Places the weight correctly on the tricep muscle giving the should total freedom to move which creats a much more willing and happier to work.
  • Built in Air System can be adjusted to fit the assymetry of a horses back, helping the saddle sit square and level. This results in less chafing, fewer and thinner saddle pads, and remove the need to over-cinch the saddle.

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Adjustable Tree: This adjustable tree allows the rider to adjust the tree of his or her saddle to perfectly fit a horse or change the fit as the rider moves the saddle from horse to horse. The adjustments are easy to do and the required tool is included.

Adjusting the Tree

DK Saddles are the first truly, fully adjustable western saddles in the industry today. This gives riders the ability to adjust the bars of the saddle to fit a horse’s withers and shoulders correctly. Riders can adjust the bars of the saddle up to 6 inches to fit any horse. Adjustments can be made in less than one minute. The ability to adjust the bars allows the saddle to sit far more stable to the horse, which gives more comfort to the horse and allows the horse much more freedom of motion in the shoulders. This enhances the horse’s over all performance.

Your Horse Will Love You Riding on Air!

This saddle also has a fully-adjustable air system built right into the bottom of the saddles that gives riders the ability to fine tune their fit. The air system is the best for the horses back as it allows the back to move far more freely as the air moves ever so slightly with the muscles of your horse’s back and shoulders, which will also give more freedom and comfort. This enhances the performance.

This WADE saddle is designed to allow extremely close contact to the riders leg allowing more security and more efficient aids to the horse. Roughout leather and some tooling and stamping.

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