Upcoming Obstacle Horsemanship Clinic


Upcoming Obstacle Horsemanship Clinic

Date: October 15, 2017
Time: 11:00AM to 3:00PM
Location: Running I Ranch (1700 Alexander Hill Lane, Dunnigan, CA 95937)

Learn how to introduce scary objects and stay safe.


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During the session we will go over how to introduce scary objects and how to stay safe.  Our plan is to start on the ground and then, as each person is ready, we will move to the saddle.  I will show each rider how to help keep your horse calm and trust you.  This work will help you transfer a higher level of confidence to your equine partner for future scary encounters.

Bring food to share.  Anything is great.  We will have a 1-Hour lunch and allow the horses to rest, absorb their new experience, eat, and drink.  We will sit and munch and talk about all that has transpired and what we would like to happen and what is going to happen, lol.

Facility cost is $20.00 payable to Running I Ranch upon arrival.

Clinic fee is $75.00 payable to Ria’s Ranch in advance. 😉